Clean Your House Frequently Before Travelling


So you're planning to go on a vacation. Clothes are spread everywhere on the floor, you struggle to look for your passport, and you are having second thoughts about whether to get that more pair of shoes or not. You are looking forward to your journey, and the last thing on your mind is doing your house routines. It does not matter if you do them before or after your holiday, right? Wrong. Let's see why.

There's nothing better than going on a vacation, we can agree on that. You free from work, everyday tension and you can finally get those eight hours of sleep. You can nap whenever you want. You will go about your day without worrying what's for dinner and who's going to do the dishes. But time passes, and you have to go back home. You do not want to. Understandable, you had so much enjoyment and you're overwhelmed with sensations from the new experience.

So here comes the dreaded end of the trip. Going back home from a vacation might be something you are not looking forward to if you have left some chores for following the trip. You can make returning to your place way more comfortable if you get all your household chores completed before your vacation. I'll be grateful to yourself later.

Wash the dishes

Scrub off stiff dry food off plates is not exactly the most comfortable thing you could do. Leaving dishes with leftovers can bring pests. Go to your house and gather everything that has been used - plates, cups, everything. Wash them by hand or place your dishwasher and run it. It would be helpful if you make time to empty it before you go. But you can also leave the dishes in and deal with them later when you come back home

Empty your fridge from everything that might get spoiled

Make certain there is nothing unsealed in your fridge that might get spoiled. Eat the cooked food, feed it to the dog or just throw it out. Spoiled food can make your entire fridge smell, and this opens up more work for you. You can place some of the things in the fridge to save them for when you come back. Remember it won't work for everything.

Take out the trash

I guess you do not want to come back home to a cockroach infestation. One way to avoid it is to take all of the trash or junk out before you leave. Go around the house and collect it. You might want to wait to take it out just before you leave because there is always this one last small thing that requires going in the garbage. Prepare your waste near the door, so you don't neglect it. It's not deserving risking leaving it in, mainly if there's organic trash in there.

Get all the laundry done

Following your trip, you will have an entire suitcase full of clothes that must take a wash. Apparently, they are the ones you wear the most. If you do not want to end up without anything to wear - again, go to your house, gather all used clothes and get them in your laundry machine. Do not fill your laundry without washing it! It will make your machine stink, and that is a whole another ordeal to deal with. Do not get yourself into this. Another thing that can make the washer smell is neglecting the washed clothes in it. That is how you get a mildewed washer. So be sure you take out your clothes to dry them.

Change the sheets

There's nothing more satisfying than taking a shower after a long trip and relaxing in your crisp and clean bed sheets. Even the smell of them can make you fall asleep quicker. Replacing the beddings might be a chore in your book, but your future self will be grateful you made it on time. You can go right to bed after a quick bath when you come back home.

Dust and vacuum

But won't the counters collect dust throughout the time you're off? You'll get startled by how little dust there is if nobody's at home. That's because most of it is dead human skin (I know, gross).

Clean the floor

If you want to get a few extra, you can clean the floor. You might skip this step if your area is clean or if the weather outside is good. But if there are probable drink spills or food splashes - go forward and do it. It avoids cockroaches and ants infest your home.

All-in-all the cleaner your home is, the greater you will feel when you come back. If you aren't this kind of person or if you really cannot get time for this, you can hire a housemaid to clean your home. It is the best take busy people get. Peace, harmony and a relaxed mind is the excellent combination. Have fun on this trip!